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updated on : 23 Jan 06
Maslog Financials   

MITS Financial is specially designed and developed as the foundation for the entire suite of Maslog solutions which seamlessly integrate with Maslog front office solutions.

The software provides financial visibility to front office system, whereby the users such as warehouse operation and freight forwarders can view the credit status before the jobs are accepted. The system contains a fully integrated intelligence feature, utilizing Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) tools. This enables the undertaking of a sophisticated analysis of business software. OLAP is a category of database software that provides and to transform or limit raw data according to user-defined or pre-defined functions, and quickly and interactively examine the results in various dimensions of data. In other words, it is a function of business intelligence software that enables a user to easily and selectively extract and view data from different points of view.

General Features

Real Time Information
With the real time feature, real time report and other important information can be retrieved from every module with no limitation and barriers. While doing the business and financial reports, and at the same time extracting and view of latest and updated real time information from different modules in the database.

Export of Data
The empowered MITS Financial supports integration with third party software applications. It is possible to view, print, and export the reports to commonly used spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel, Lotus Spreadsheet, etc.

Drill Down
The multilevel drill-down capability allows the drill-down to the original transaction for viewing the source transactions for further details. With this feature, we are able to understand certain issue more quickly and resolving the issues more effectively.

Data Analyzer Engine
Management can study the database by using the data analyzer engine. It is used for making analysis, planning and implementing new policies. The powerful data analyzer engine enables a complete overview and access information on cost, quantity, invoice or returns of inventory by viewing the historical transactions.

Flexible Year End Closing Routine
Many of the financial system only allow one or limited times of year end closing. However, with MITS Financial , unlimited time of year end closing is allowed and the system will automatically adjust the closing balance and carry forward to the next accounting period.

AR/AP Multi Currency
Multi Currency requirement does not limit the usage of MITS Financial . The system support multi currency. Accounts receivable and accounts payable can be maintained at the base required currency.

System Security
We are taking a serious measurement of security and prevention. Access rights provide added security feature as it allows the prevention of unauthorized access. The Access right is definable according to the functional level.

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