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updated on : 23 Jan 06
Maslog Inventory   

MITS Inventory is much simple programme in handling the stock count and it is developed for Third Party Logistic (3PL) operation. Rather than having a much complicated warehouse software for goods in-out recording, MITS Inventory is a better alternative as it is flexible and complete paper-less application system. MITS Inventory is build with an intelligent database engine for easy handling of warehouse operations.

The MITS Inventory consists of several key features that include:

Real Time Information
The system enables users to view and retrieve real time stock-count information. Information on goods in and out and balance on hand is updated immediately.

Export of Data
With the export facility, reports can be viewed on screen, design inventory report templates according to the requirements. Reports can be printed and exported to a commonly used spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel.

Drill Down
The drill-down capability allows the drill down of original transactions in reports and inquiry windows to view source transactions for more details. With the drill-down features, user can also zoom-in to understand a particular issue quickly and effectively. The drill-down feature also applies to graphical charts.

Data Analyzer Engine
With the data analyzer, it is possible to access the database containing comprehensive information on cost, quantity, invoice or returns of inventory. This gives a clear view to the management to identify opportunities and treads.

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