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updated on : 23 Jan 06
Maslog Transport  

The development of MITS Transport is for Transporters to manage the complete process flow of the FTL and LTL shipments. The system widely covers the process from receiving of an order and input into the system and right up to the last steps of the operation process i.e. billing and invoicing.

Improve Efficiency
It is important for business to run effectively and efficiently.  Therefore, MITS Transport ensures no duplication of data entry and consistent information is shared and used throughout the whole operation process, thus improving the efficiency of a business.

Improve Visibility and Control
It is crucial that management having a clear bird’s eye view of the operation activities. With the MITS Transport system, it allows tracking of jobs from job creation to billing that is accessible from a user friendly screen.

Improve Customer Service Level
As the information on the operation can be accessed and viewed from one screen, this enables an accurate and quick response to customers’ enquiries and eventually helps a company in delivering a high standard of customer service, and thus increases competitive advantage.


The MITS Transport consists of several key features that include:

Real Time Information
The system enables the view and retrieval of real time and complete process flow of the import and export operations information at any time without limitations or barriers. This helps the management to plan and make necessary decision on operation processes.

Export of Data
Important documents such as payment report, shipping notes and etc can be exported to commonly used spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel for easy referencing and reading.


Drill Down
The drill-down capability allows user to drill down to the original transactions in reports and inquiry windows to view source transactions for more details. With the drill-down features, it is possible to zoom in to understand a particular issue quickly and effectively. The drill-down feature also applies to graphical charts.

Data Analyzer Engine
Database is used for making analysis, planning and implementing new policies. MITS Transport is equipped with Powerful Data Analyzer Engine that enables management to have a complete overview and helps the management to identify the hidden problems, opportunities and trends.

System Overview

Administration Module
The administration Module giving the flexibility of maintaining the master database of customers, charges billable to customers, drivers’ incentives and etc. This module also allowed user (administrator) to define the access right according to the functional level in order to maintain the integrity of the MITS Transport.

Other function available under the administration module for instance is the specification of rates. The system in overall will automatically pull out relevant charges being maintained for the issuance of quotation and for billing, this could avoid under billing and minimizes under billing and maintaining accuracy of charges.

Operation Module
The operation module is the starting point of the MITS Transport. Job numbers will be generated automatically when the order inputs is keyed into the system. The integration with MITS Financial allows the system self check the credit limit for each customer before the transaction is being accepted.

Whenever it is required, Management is possible to have a clearer view of the company operation processes.  Information on the Cost Sheet is real time reports that will eventually helping in operation control and planning of policies.

Having all necessary functions required in the operation, this module enable users to process of containers, transporters operation, maintaining the entire confirmed shipping schedule to provide real time information as to the availability of the booked space, preparing all relevant documents and etc.

Billing Module
The billing module of MITS Transport integrates with MITS Financial. It takes care of the customers billing processes which inclusive of invoicing and issuance of credit notes. Customers invoice entry is generated by retrieving pre-fix rates of quotation and cost sheets in order to eliminate the possibility of under and over billing to customers. Information posted into the MITS Transport is also posted directly into the Account Receivable and General Ledger in the MITS Financial system and thus eliminating double entry of invoices into the Accounting System.

 Costing Module
As the system is integrated with MITS Financial, inputs of creditors’ credit notes and invoices in the Freight system are posted directly into the Account Payable and General Ledger automatically and eliminate double entry. As for the precautious and control features, all entries made must be related to jobs created from job entry.

Inquiry Module
The system is equipped with powerful search engine that allow users to search for job information by using the search criteria provided within the system. By clicking any criteria provided in this module, system will then show all relevant information for user to carry out further operation and management tasks.

Vendors’ charges sometime may not be necessary accurate and consistence, in the presence of MITS Transport, user can track down the cost history.

Report Module
MITS Transport is designed to provide 2 reports type i.e. Management Report, and Operation Report. With the report module, user can view job profit analysis, revenue listing and customer performance, job listing, pending container deliver and collection. This helps the users to carry out the necessary analysis and actions.

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