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updated on : 23 Jan 06
Maslog Warehouse

The demands on warehouse management are becoming more and more complex. It is important for companies to keep the supply chains running smoothly, therefore it is necessary for companies to manage their warehouse efficiently for execution and coordination to improve the processes within warehouse.

MITS Warehouse is developed and configured to suites organizational needs of warehouse management for more efficient and effective warehouse management system. The system is equipped with capability and flexibility to add and drop the features of automation. In similarity to the MITS Inventory system, MITS Warehouse handles what inventory system does but handles more complicated warehouse process.

The system is capable to help you to meet these diverse demands and support to your warehouse management. It offer many solid advantages:

  1. Covering all necessary processes in the warehouse, such as goods receiving and issuance.
  2. Know your warehouse better as you can achieve complete stock transparency and always know what is in the warehouse.
  3. Reducing the error rate significantly in warehouse processes.
  4. Increase deliveries accuracy of deliveries, thus increase customer satisfaction.
  5. The simplified process reducing cost per transaction.
  6. Work consistently within a mature system and therefore avoiding any interface problems.

Every warehouse has its own structure, which is a challenge for any warehouse system. With MITS Warehouse, the flexible architecture of MITS Warehouse allows you to map you warehouse structure; it could be rack storage, bulk storage, picking areas with fixed storage bins for each material and ground-level shelving types of storage.

MITS Warehouse allows the management of all activities which include receiving of goods and putaway of goods received, cross docking, wave, batch, zone picking, verification, transfer, replenishments and all those required by a conventional warehouse system. One of the features of the system is that users can monitor goods in real time manners as and when they are received and shipped along with cutting operation costs and maximizing space while increasing productivity.


Warehouse Plan
A detailed 3-D layout is stored in the system and it allows horizontal and vertical view of the warehouse map. The warehouse plan makes it easier for warehouse personnel to store, locate and retrieve of goods stored in the designated location. With the detailed 3-D-map, it allows warehouse personnel to plan and designate task to warehouse workers to carry out a specific task.

General Features

Real Time Information
The system allows viewing and retrieving a real time inventory and stock-count on hand at any time without limitations or barriers. This helps the management to plan and make necessary decision on operation processes, and increase maintain good customer service.

Export of Data
Reports can be generated by a pre-fix templates or designing a new report templates according to requirements. This information is printable and can be exported to a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel.

Drill Down
Source transaction of MITS Warehouse can be drilled down for its original source of transaction.

Data Analyzer Engine
Management can study the database by using the data analyzer engine. It is used for making analysis, planning and implementing new policies. The powerful data analyzer engine enables a complete overview and access information on cost, quantity, invoice or returns of inventory by viewing the historical transactions.

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